Sunday, September 23, 2007

Honesty with Journalism

Journalism is based on six principles, but I believe Honesty, is what creates the foundation for the other five. To be honest in journalism is to report the truth, without truth journalism is nothing. The world would be lost in colossal storm of rumors and gossip, people wouldn't know what to believe. Through honesty is how a journalist is able to build a reputation, by writing direct quotes instead of those out of context, people will be more willing for an interview or to come back for another. Journalism is a form of communication, a way for the people to be informed, so what would be the purpose if we simply spewed garbage in our journalistic writing?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

In class I've been staring at the voting list of Mr. Hatten's first hour's favorite restaurants in Edina and I couldn't be more frustrated with it. After a while of starring at it in disappointment I realized this city's youth has poor taste in anything that resembles a restaurant. The California Pizza Kitchen is a place to grab a good pizza, good pizza not great, before or after a movie. There's just nothing special to it, and to think it would win the number 1 spot on their list... But it was then I realized, their list is based off Southdale. The closer the restaurants are to it, the better the ranking, does this mean our generation is that lazy to just give up and claim the closest to them is the best there is? It's pathetic really. I wont even start with the cake eating stereo types I could make too with, Maggiano's, The Cheese Cake Factory, and P.F. Changs to follow. So all I can say to my fellow peers, is wake up, go the extra step and find a restaurant that is truly worth while, if you'd like my advice, try Salut, right on France, near 50th. I have yet to have anything close to a bad experience there. The waiters are always smiling and really know their menu well, the food is amazing and at a reasonable price and the atmosphere is comfortable, its very well kept and decorated but places no pressure on you to dress up. But my personal favorite is their desert, creme brulé, red velvet cake, terramissu and the king of deserts, their giant 20$ sunday built for four. It's served in an over sized martini glass, with chocolate cake, whipped cream, ice cream, hot fudge, bananas, strawberries and wafers, truly a treat of recognition, which sadly seems as though this city doesn't do it justice. So please kids of Edina, go further and give your stomach what it's been begging for.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

HI! welcome to my blog :)