Monday, November 19, 2007

Tricks Over Treats

By : Tyler Bjerke
Slug : Hollow-Vandals

October 31st, the streets are flooded with colorful and dark costumes, children’s laughter in the air, kids rejoice in the free candy filled night of Halloween. Concerns now growing that this once glorious childhood holiday has been warped into a night of violence and destruction.

As the years progress teens in local neighborhoods seem to be picking up more and more the habit of vandalism, turning a night of fun for some, to a night of fear.

Parents are becoming concerned for the safety of their kids, as the stories poor in everywhere, of “eggings”, beatings, and theft.

“Some kid in black robe and a Scream mask ran up and grabbed my daughter’s candy bag,” said Kathy Fullerton, concerned mother of 4 year old Christina. “He ran too fast, and I couldn’t leave Christy. The police were unable catch him.”

Those still keeping the holiday spirit are losing it fast as those destroying their hard work get away scott free.

“I came home after trick or treating that night and found my pumpkins had been smashed against the wall of my house,” said 15 year old Valley View Middle School student Elsa Nordberg. “I was crushed to find my hard work smeared against the walls.”

Local friends and neighbors have begun to ban together in retaliation against these acts, creating a neighborhood watch system.

“Were trying to set up stations down our streets, where any volunteer adults can watch over any passing kids. No Child should have to live their Halloween in fear every year. We invite all neighborhoods to join us,” said Jannie Wallen local Edina citizen. “We’ll be ready for them next year.”

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